GreenPap® is a web and mobile application developed by MeForest Initiative™, that coordinates smart greening by incorporating green initiatives and stakeholders in environmental conservation through tree growing and continuous monitoring, evaluation & conservation of ecological zones.

GreenPap® uses a set of complex algorithms that show the real-time forest cover in each of the counties, the ecological zone of the region and the tree species most likely to survive in that ecological zone, in addition to ‘top-listing’ them in terms of their economic viability.

Once registered, the platform enables you to contribute towards climate action by “Bringing the forest to the palm of your hands”, enabling you to virtually “plant” trees through the platform; this further contributing to our analysis of tree planting activities!

You simply buy the quality seedlings we source from our partners, and we’ll proceed to plant and grow them on your behalf through our Green Ambassadors™!

Key features

  • Tree-species-to-site matching
  • Virtual tree planting
  • Tree planting activities tracking
  • Planting location management
  • Real-time forest cover
  • Platform analytics and visualization
  • Tree survival monitoring tool
  • Carbon footprint calculator